Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Darius

Darius was born on 14th of April 2009 at Pusrawi Kuala Lumpur. He was expected to be born in the middle of may but yet tak sabar-sabar nak kluar.hehehe..Darius dilahirkan secara ceasarian huhuhuhu due to high blood pressure which I never inherited tibe2 jer muncul after 8 months pregnancy the doc decided to bring him out early.

While in the operation room sume perasaan ade..panik,takut and mengellabah tapi ade satu perasaan yg I tak bleh nk gambarkan happy,excited dan x sabar Lahir-lahir jer darius tak nangis pun..hmmm..bia betul nih…2minit lepas tuh baru dier nangis .Doc showed him to me suddenly the tears drop from my eyes..sob sob..sedey la plak kn..heheheh..he was too small for me..only 2kg jer..so tiny and small la himm..heheh tapi cute..lepas tu I tak dapat pun tgk darius for a few hours..uhhhh sangat stress dan tak sabar waktu tuh..

But his daddy boleh la tgk kn..mase tu rase macam ketidakadilan berlaku..heheheh..According to him sewaktu mengazankan darius he was looking deep into his eyes mcm kenal jer sape daddy dier…daddy dier sempat jugak bagi kurma and air zamzam which provided by pusrawi,,sunnah nabi,alhamdullilahh..

After few hours baru lah derang bagi tgk darius..according to nurse lepas caesar we have to rest to avoid vomit it is the side effect of epidural..hehehe luckily I tak vomit pun..

Well..it was beautiful moment yg I tak bleh nk lupe smpai bile-bile…darius is the gift from god to us which I cannot buy form shop even ask from people…Again

Thank you god for the priceless gifted.