Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reading Books To Darius

Since Darius 6 months lagi we all dah beli buku untuk Darius.i always read it loudly to him..of course he dont understand at all what i'm doing..i never give up..Now i dh tengok hasilnye..everytime i baca buku dier akan respond and he will sit and hear what i read...

Believe it or not, by the time Darius reach his first birthday Darius dh bole sebut ALLAH,BUAH,BAPAK,MAMAM dan beberape bunyi binantang antaranye cicak and lembu...walaupun tak banyak but we see the benefits of proud of him

there is a lot of benefit if we reading books to baby,we teach a baby about communication and builds listening, memory, and vocabulary skills..

All mummies out there you better start it from some tips for mummies to encourage your baby to read

* Cuddling while you read helps your baby feel safe, warm, and connected to you.
Darius really like to read while cuddling..heheheheh..
* Read with expression, pitching your voice higher or lower where it's
appropriate or using different voices for different characters.
example sounds of animal!!!!!!


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