Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Party Planning

Darius birthday is coming up..hmmmm we planned to throw a party for him..the first thing yang I kene prepare of course la date kn..adoiiiii birthday darius on 13 April jatuh on Tuesday..mcm mane pulak lah nk throw party on Tuesday..ekekekekke..after discuss with my hubby we agree to throw the birthday bash on 25th April 2010.So bleh lah tempah invitation card..cari punye cari jumpe lah satu website nih yg agak murah gak la dier punye price for the card within our budget gak la kan..ok date done card done.

Theme for the party we choose pool party reason our Condo ade Swimming pool plus Darius sangat suke berenang kt swimming pool tu…hopefully management allow us buat kt situ..owh yg ni blom lagi I tanye dekat management..this part let my husband deal with it…
Pasal Makan plak I nak wat Hi-tea buffet jer…but have yet to decide the menu and caterer..Western ke Local..both pun ok gak variety…winkkk..

For Cakes plak I nak beli cake Secret Recepi je dekat ngan umah..harap2 on that day darius tak penyek-penyek kn kek tu al maklumlah at this age darius has full range of motian.Types of cake tak decide lagi..

Next part agak susah sikit coz it will involve my creativity, idea and enthusiasm to implement it…Decoration. I rase I nk d├ęcor dgn arch balloon, some helium balloon with ribbon and bubble. this part still under surveying mode..mesti darius enjoy with all the balloon and bubbles for sure he will trying to grab at them.Bubble Machine tu bleh rent jer tak yah beli..agak murah jugak still within our budget…

Last skali kalau boleh nk bagi entertainment cikit ekekeke..Clown..ade yang dh antar quotation kt i..harge reasonable gak lah compare dgn yg lain..activity yang clown tu buat pun ok gak

Hmmmm setakat ni ok kot…hopefully ape yg I plan ni menjadi lah mintaknye..tapi kite hanya mampu merancang…Allah yang menentukan…

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